You must break the country in order for it to work for you again. At this moment in time, states like Georgia are opening back up again and soon ours will too. And although many are feeling the incredible pressure to head back to society, the uncertainty still is the big elephant in the room.

The high risk low reward circumstances is the determining factor if there is food on the table or not. But if you think about it, is it really low reward? Maybe the high risk, high reward formula is being fogged by the uncertainties of this sick virus.

Think about it, the Founding Fathers of this country did the same when drafting the constitution and the Federalist papers that fueled a revolutionary change, to a brute method of government. The same authors, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton partook in the drafting of the Bill of Rights.

I would favor mandatory national but paid service. Every American woman and man should serve the public for two years and there is no better time than right now. It doesn’t mean military, but it means some form of service. The same connectors must draft a new type of bill of rights, securing essential workers today, but bridging the new economy tomorrow.

Just like a muscle, the ligaments torn in between are met with the new muscle tissue for a larger muscle, I call them the connectors. I believe they are all around us and all kinds of age and backgrounds. If you do not think you are it, look a little bit closer.

Ellon Musk, approaches the innovation of design through unconventional methods by stripping a product of historic design and provide a solution with today’s most successful companies like Space X and Tesla revolutionizing transportation here on earth and soon space.

The approach must consist of us clearing the board and staring fresh. Connectors can be the common ground. What’s built America is called the American system, embraced by Hamilton to Lincoln to Roosevelt.

We must protect and cherish this same system that from inception protects manufacturing, the financial systems who ultimately lends to the industrial complex that paved way for transportation, high roads, the birth of the Silicon Valley. A new warrior can make amends, but capitalism inevitable.

Gains will always favor the people who are willing to take it and it manifested again in 2016 with a clever way to put data to work, triggered by our deepest fears driven by populism and nationalism so touché. Our republic will only function by embracing the same capitalistic savviness that brought us here to begin with.

The polarization is there, the divisions is present. Think of the velocity connectors can bridge the middle with the freshest ideas to bring America to terms with the state of affairs. The country is broken, but will you fix it for youself or bring others along? Plot the dots today, and connect them for a better tomorrow.

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